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Welcome to MWire LED Lighting

At MWire LED Lighting, we specialise in supplying and installing the most sustainable and versatile form of lighting currently available today; LED.

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LED - The future of lighting

The lighting market is currently undergoing a transition with LED's emerging as the best and most viable alternative to the majority of Incandescent, Halogen and Fluorescent light sources available.

The reason for this is simple; LED efficiency is increasing at rate of about 15% every year, meaning that LED sources available today are more energy efficient and therefore more financially economical over their lifespan than their Halogen and Fluorescent counterparts. They also offer a true 'install and forget' approach to lighting.

LED - The benefits

So what are the benefits of LED Lighting and how will they help me?

• High Efficiency
All light sources use a given amount of energy (Watts) to create a given amount of light (Lumens), LED's do this better than any other light source and currently can achieve up-to 145 lumens per watt.

• Environmentally Friendly
With virtually zero mercury LED'S offer safe and ecological disposal at the end of their lifespan.

• Lifetime
A previously unthinkable lifetime of 50,000 hrs is now possible, to put this into context, that a lifespan of 6 years if used for 24 hrs per day 365 days per year. This eliminates the need for lamp replacement and maintenance procedures for large scale installations such as Hotels and Shopping Centres.

• Low Energy
Usage On average LED lighting uses 60-80% less energy than current forms of lighting to produce visible light, this adds up to a product that over its life span, can save you money, save on carbon and help the environment.

Energy Calculator

To see how much money switching to LED could save you or your business, please use our energy usage calculator below.

  • Residential
No of bulbs to be replaced


Wattage of your current bulbs


No. of hours usage per day


Electricity (pence per kWh)

(e.g. 12 kWh)

Current annual cost £

Equivalent LED annual cost £

Estimated Annual saving £

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